Artikelen door Wout Schonewille

Zorgen om pleeggezinnen

Op 3 februari heeft De Monitor van KRO-NCRV een programma over Pleegzorg uitgezonden. Hierin werden zorgen geuit over steeds zwaardere problemen bij kinderen in pleeggezinnen. Het gevolg hiervan is dat zo’n 45% van de plaatsingen van pleegkinderen worden afgebroken met een enorme impact voor de kinderen en de pleeggezinnen. De ChristenUnie fractie in Gouda wil […]


Why don’t you do research?

With this question we were challenged by Chris Curtis, the director of Youthscape, during the European Youth Ministry Network. A justified question to the youthleaders from various European countries. What is the situation in the Netherlands? Fortunately, a lot of research is done in the Netherlands, often by students. The OJKC regularly comes up with […]

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Together at One

Besides all information and knowledge exchange, I will write about this later, it was very special to meet each other as brothers and sisters. Completely different cultures, languages, backgrounds and traditions but with the same desire; ‘God and young people’. And again I was impressed by the ‘service in collaboration’, the way in which fellow […]


Youthleaders, who are they?

Before this week started, I was asked several times about what the European Youth Ministry Network is, who are there and what they do. These are excellent questions to answer quickly and easily. Still, I take a little more time for an answer to reflect on the Dutch situation at the same time. EYMN The […]


Moral compass at iGen

Today started the 3rd European Youth Ministry Gathering, a network of European youth workers. It is good to meet colleagues and friends again, to encourage each other and to talk about trends and developments in European youth ministry. During one of the programs we discussed the moral compass of the current generation. There have always […]

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MultiCulti of Koninkrijk

Bouwen aan: Multiculti of Koninkrijk. Afgelopen week was ik te gast bij Semper Fidelis, de christelijke studentenvereniging in Gouda. Naast de leuke ervaring om kennis te maken met het studentikoze sfeertje was ik ook aangenaam verrast door het thema. Aansluitend bij het jaarthema ‘bouwen aan….’ wilden de studenten nadenken over hun rol en verantwoordelijkheid in […]

Invitation 3rd Gathering EYMN

Invitation Over the past few years the European Youth Ministry Network has played an important role in connecting, inspiring and equipping leaders from across Europe in our calling to youth ministry. As we continue our shared fight for a generation we are delighted to invite you as a senior youth ministry leader in Europe to join us in Barcelona for our 3rd European Youth […]


‘Aantal statushouders…..moet dalen’

Deze confronterende titel is niet compleet. In het AD-Gouda van 29 september 2018 stond ‘Aantal statushouders met uitkering moet dalen’. Maar als je deze kop combineert met termen als ‘Gouda heeft een groot probleem’ en ‘oorzaak is …. aantal statushouders’ kan de conclusie zomaar worden: ‘aantal statushouders moet dalen’. Maar wie geeft deze mensen een […]