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Over the past few years the European Youth Ministry Network has played an important role in connecting, inspiring and equipping leaders from across Europe in our calling to youth ministry. As we continue our shared fight for a generation we are delighted to invite you as a senior youth ministry leader in Europe to join us in Barcelona for our 3rd European Youth Ministry Network Gathering – ‘Our Times… Our Task’. From the 23th to the 25th of October 2018 leaders from across Europe will meet to be refreshed through deepening our relatonships, growing in understanding of our 21st Century context and preparing for the opportunities
that await us through increased collaboraton, innovation and passion.

My participation

Since 2012 I’m joining the European network of Youth leaders and try to participate in gatherings. Not only to be encouraged by colleagues but also to be able to share new developments in the Netherlands. For me it is also a possibility to meet and talk with friends that are abroad.

My expectation

I’m looking forward to meet and talk with other youth leaders and friends. As a preparation I’ve been asked to mention three topics or passions. I will explain my three topics because I hope to discuss these in a European context and learn from other youth leaders:

  • Religious education

The last gathering we had quite a few talks about discipleship. It was good to share ideas and especially our passion for disciple making but I feel we need to dive a bit deeper. The way we connect with young people and tell them the gospel is sometimes ‘our way’ and not always the best method. Therfore I think it would be good to learn more about religious education. A theoretical and practical reflection on the way we can share and tell the great story of God with mankind.

  • Extendend adolescence


One off the aspects of religious education is the impact of psychological development from young people. In the western culture we see a emerging adulthood. I was wondering if this is a trend over all Europe. I think we can learn from eachother the way this changes our youth ministry.

  • Integral mission

In Youth ministry, as far as i can see, we don’t have much theological reflections or framework. A Theology of Youth ministry would help us to offer more than our own believes and experiences to young people. I think that the reflections from ‘Integral mission’ can help us stay connected to our times and the Gospel.

I’m looking forward to this gathering and hope that I can share new understandings afterwards.

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